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If you have to be licensed to cut hair … shouldn’t your sharpener also have credentials?

  • Sharpening services are not regulated by the government.  Therefore, no licensing or certification is required.  Anyone with a bench grinder can offer to sharpen your shears.
  • Shear Savvy has voluntarily spent the time and money to obtain the above certification to reassure you that you are getting a professionally trained and skilled sharpener.
  • Shear Savvy has also obtained the most advanced and expensive equipment in the market for sharpening high quality Japanese shears.


What is a “Master Sharpener”

Master Sharpener title is awarded only to a select few who score among the highest in the certification process.


What kind of sharpening is this?

This is specialized sharpening for Japanese, hand-honed, convex and beveled hair cutting shears!

Why is this important?

  • Your shears cannot be sharpened the same as a knife, saw or any other tool.
  • Convex shears have the most detailed and complicated edge in the industry.
  • Blades have to be balanced with the proper amount of bow and twist in the blade.
  • The edges have to be finely honed to allow you to use specialized techniques such as slide cutting, point cutting, etc.
  • Proprietary hardware is needed for replacing broken or lost parts on the shear.

Without this training, your shears can be destroyed with one improper sharpening!!!

Please see our Proper vs. Improper Sharpening page for more details.


How extensive is the certification?

We are given training by the top sharpeners and craftsmen from Japan. After training classes, we are then given 2 shears, which have been damaged in every way possible (nicked, bent, scratched, broken parts, etc.). We are then given a short time to repair both shears to perfect working order. These shears are then critiqued on a point scoring system by 3 separate judges. There are over 20 different aspects of shear sharpening that are critiqued. Some of these are:

  • No excessive metal removal.
  • Smooth and balanced feel.
  • Blade is highly polished with no excessive blemishes.
  • Cut is smooth and does not push hair.

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